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Church of Deliverance, Ocilla


Karen Phillips writes: For most of its history this was known as the Free Will Baptist Church, located on 7th Street between Oak Street and Maple Street. It was probably built in the early 1900s. It was moved to its present location in the mid-2000s and is now occupied by an African-American congregation. To me, it’s the most unique church building in Ocilla. I hope it can be preserved in its present appearance.


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Ocilla United Methodist Church, 1912

ocilla united methodist church photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

In his History of Irwin County (Atlanta, Foote & Davies, 1932), J. B. Clements writes: The Methodists must have been in Irwin County as early as the Baptists, if not earlier. He notes that the first known Methodist circuit rider in the area was John W. Yarborough, a young man just from the mountains and his first appointment was the Irwin Mission in Irwin County. This was in 1832. In 1866, another Methodist circuit rider noted he rode seventeen miles through Irwin County without seeing a single dwelling or a living thing save a deer leaping through the woods. Methodists were fairly sparse in Irwin County throughout most of the 19th-century. Unfortunately, Clements does not give any account of the history of the Ocilla Methodist Church in his work, though he does include a photograph of the building. It’s likely that it dates to the first decade of Ocilla’s incorporation, between 1897-1907.



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New Bethel Church, Lax

Old African American Church Lax GA Irwin County Rural Southern Religion Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Since the sign was removed, I assumed this church was abandoned, but Jeresa Ellison writes that it was being restored at the time. Her father, Emmanuel Ellison is the pastor.

Abandoned African American Church Lax GA Irwin County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014


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Waterloo Masonic Lodge & School

Waterloo GA Old Church School Masonic Lodge Irwin County GA Southern Vernacular Architecture Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This enigmatic building, the only remaining symbol of Waterloo’s past, was used as a Masonic lodge and a church, at least through the 1940s. I’ve not been able to determine a date of construction.

Regarding the Masonic lodge, Jerry Camp writes: This building was on property sold by Waterloo Lodge, Number 506 of Free and Accepted Masons, According to deed dated March 7, 1936.

Roy Holsenbeck recalls its time as a school: I attended this school about 1943-1945. It originally sat by highway 32 across street from Looney Layton’s general store. The name I remember best is Mr. Widner, the Principal. He did all corporal punishment and had a paddle with holes drilled in it. (at least I heard) One of the most memorable things I remember was there were no indoor restrooms. The Girls and boys out houses were about 100 yards up the red Georgia Clay hill to the east. The grounds were all clay and rocks. Believe me we had no “school nurse to fix our hurts when we fell out of swings or off slides. I lived with my Grandparents Archie and Maggie Clements who farmed Mr. Layton’s farm just south of Waterloo.

UPDATE: I’ve learned that as of 25 July 2018 the building is in the process of being torn down.




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Henderson Chapel Baptist Church, 1906, Holt


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Mount Isaac Baptist Church, Circa 1910, Arp


Before it was known as Arp, this community on the Irwin-Ben Hill County line was known as Isaac. The name was changed sometime between 1910 and 1915, and judging by the burial dates in the adjoining cemetery, I would estimate that this church dates to about 1910.


Since there was already an Isaac Baptist Church, the small African-American community here named their church Mount Isaac, to distinguish it from the the white church. And though Arp is located in Irwin County, the church and cemetery are just over the county line in Ben Hill.


Many thanks to Laura Wiggins Norris for bringing it to my attention, and to Dale Bledsoe for the history.




Macedonia Baptist Church, Irwin County


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