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Phillipi Primitive Baptist Church, Schley County

Phillipi Primitive Baptist Church was established in 1835. The date of construction has been quoted as 1864, but I cannot confirm that at present.

It is built in the common style of Primitive Baptist churches of the latter half of the 19th century.

Though the pews have long been removed, the interior remains in fairly stable condition.

Unfortunately, exterior damage will soon begin taking its toll if stabilization isn’t implemented.

The church and its historic cemetery should be considered an important resource and will hopefully be protected better in the future, if possible.




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Hopewell United Methodist Church, Schley County

Historic Hopewell Methodist Church Schley County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Among Schley County’s most historic congregations, Hopewell Methodist (now United Methodist) is thought to predate the organization of Marion County, which would date it to the 1820s; meetings were probably held in homes and various other places until the first known structure (of log construction) was built in the 1840s. Another church was built before the Civil War but was destroyed by fire. The Greek Revival section of the present structure was built after the Civil War but no exact date can be located.  I hope to learn more of the history soon.


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Hopewell Methodist Pump House, Schley County

schley county ga hopewell methodist church replica pumphouse photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Bill Harrison writes: I grew up in Hopewell community. This small scale of the church is actually the pump house for the church and covers it’s well. It was built years after I left but I believe that my brother and some other men built it for a float for something in Ellaville and then used it to cover the well. I am pretty sure that is how it came to be there.

I believe this had been removed, as of 2015.


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