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Macedonia Baptist Church, Circa 1930, Sterling

This historic African-American church was built circa 1930 and serves the Sterling community. I’m not sure if it has always been affiliated with the same congregation but will update it when possible.

This post begins our merger with Vanishing Coastal Georgia.

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Abandoned Baptist Church, Gough

This is one of two abandoned churches in Gough.

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J. S. Cato House, Jefferson County

Nancy Shore contacted me several years ago about photographing this house, which belonged to her great-grandfather, and I’m glad I finally got to do so. Nancy notes that it has been unoccupied for over 30 years.

The view from the front porch isn’t bad.

The main entryway, with sidelights and transom, is typical of houses built in the late 19th century.

Inverted saw-tooth pyramids adorn the eaves and are the most impressive ornamental feature of this otherwise typical gabled-ell farmhouse.

The house also features an enclosed rear addition, itself a winged-gable form, which possibly originated as a separate kitchen. This is a common modificaton with this form.

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Double-Pen Log House, Tattnall County

The original part of this structure was recently revealed when asbestos siding was removed. I’ve driven past it numerous times over the years and always believed it to be “older” than it looked. Thanks to Raven Waters for making me aware of the work being done; I’m unsure if it will be saved.

It has obviously been modified over time, with the higher roof line and chimney being later additions, though the chimney is made of handmade brick, indicating that the changes were made many years ago. It’s possible that the windows and/or door were cut out of the earlier structure. Most surviving houses of this type in Georgia date to the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

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McElheney Tenant House, Jasper County

This saddlebag tenant house is similar in style to the typically taller New England saltbox house. This is due to the shed room at the back of the house. Thanks to Carlton Henderson for the identification.

This post begins our merger with Vanishing North Georgia.

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Double Shotgun Tenant House, Terrell County

This once-common form has become quite rare today. The house is divided into two residences by a wall through the middle.

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Pineville Church, Marion County

The community that was home to this church has long been lost to history, but at one time, Pineville was a thriving place. Today, this church is all that remains, and it is quite a mystery.

The denomination of the church is not even confirmed, though it is presumed to have been Baptist. It is possible it was an African-American congregation, but that, too, is unclear. A nearby cemetery has added to the mystery, but was most likely associated with another church which no longer exists.


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Brooksville Methodist Church, 1874

My date for the church construction comes from a survey of local historic resources. I’m unsure when the congregation was established.


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Pyramidal Farmhouse, Randolph County


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Millinery Shop, Benevolence

This has been identified as a millinery shop.

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