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Howard Manor, 1884, Wrens

This was the first house built in Wrens after the town was incorporated in 1884 and it still stands as a landmark for travelers passing through on US Highway 1. I believe it was originally owned by the Railley family. Purchased by Milo Howard in the 1920s, it became a meeting place for the the John Franklin Wren Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, at the invitation of their son, Milo Howard, Jr. Upon his death in the 1990s the house was bequeathed to the chapter, which he felt shared his values of all things historic. The condition of the house isn’t as good as it appears and though many renovations have been made over the years, more are needed. I believe the ladies of the DAR will do their best to make sure this landmark is around for a long time.


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Tobacco Barn, Telfair County


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Helena’s Hotel Willard Will Soon Be Demolished

I recently updated my original post about the Hotel Willard, noting that it appeared work was being done on the property. When I shared this on social media, it was confirmed that it’s being prepared for demolition. I’m not using this space to criticize the decision but rather to share some last photographs of this landmark.

It amazes me that communities can’t see the value in such properties, but owners are often reluctant to pour money into them and as a result they deteriorate over time to the point that repair is not feasible. We say we love our heritage but we have a really bad track record of saving it.

I understand that many of the architectural features of the hotel are being salvaged. I hope this cast iron door frame is among them.

Unfortunately, the most important features, such as the brickwork around the entrance and the fanlights will be lost forever.





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Southern Railway Depot, McRae

This may have been built in the 1890s but I can’t find an exact date. It’s been used for storage in recent years, I believe, but appears to be in deteriorating condition. It would be a great restoration project for McRae.


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Historic Storefronts, Adrian

Main Street

Nora Boulevard

Poplar Street

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Williams House, Waycross

Rita J. McDaniel writes: Looks like the old Williams Home…on Williams Street….just off the corner of Lee Ave and Williams. Was used as a hospital at one time but was built as a residence, if memory serves me. It does appear that the rear section of the house was a later addition.

Waycross Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Morris Store, Waresboro

Joe Spence notes that this was originally owned by Ms. Morris, who lived in the houses next door, but was later sold to the the Spences, who operated it for many years.


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