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Historic Storefronts, Adrian

Main Street

Nora Boulevard

Poplar Street


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Williams House, Waycross

Rita J. McDaniel writes: Looks like the old Williams Home…on Williams Street….just off the corner of Lee Ave and Williams. Was used as a hospital at one time but was built as a residence, if memory serves me. It does appear that the rear section of the house was a later addition.

Waycross Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Morris Store, Waresboro

Joe Spence notes that this was originally owned by Ms. Morris, who lived in the houses next door, but was later sold to the the Spences, who operated it for many years.

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General Store, Fairfax

I’ve been trying to get to Fairfax ever since seeing Shea Browning’s photograph of this old store, which may have been a commissary for millworkers and lumbermen working the vast pine forests of the area nearly a century ago. Its style, with a false front, is relatively uncommon in Georgia.

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Folk Victorian House, Jesup

This eclectic Folk Victorian looks like a stereotypical “haunted house”; apparently, it has been in a state of disrepair for quite a few years. Hopefully, someone will buy it and restore it one day. It’s among the older houses in Jesup.



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Turpentine Cabin, Wefanie

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Tenant Farmhouse, Ben Hill County

Most tenant houses were either in the shotgun style or the gable-front style seen here.

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