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Travelers Rest Methodist Church, 1890s, Macon County

Travelers Rest was an early community near the banks of the Flint River, settled circa 1830 as pioneers pushed westward in the Georgia interior. On land given by pioneer David Jones in 1836, the Methodists established a church and cemetery here, which they shared with Travelers Rest Baptist until that congregation built a new home, just steps away, in 1867. For many years they were referred to as twin churches.

Travelers Rest was incorporated as Bristol in 1838 but by the 1860s was supplanted in importance by the growing communities of Oglethorpe and Montezuma, a few miles distant. Since most members of Travelers Rest Methodist moved their letters to new congregations in those communities, the church was deeded to the Travelers Rest C. M. E. Church in 1884. The present structure was built circa 1890 by the African-Americans and hosted its last service in 1994. Graves of black and white members are scattered around the building, mostly obscured by vegetation today and in desperate need of attention.

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Saddlebag Farmhouse, Dooly County

This is located across the highway from the gambrel-roof barn in the previous post. It was expanded into a gabled-ell form at some point in its history.

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Gambrel-Roof Barn, Dooly County

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Abandoned Farmhouse, Pulaski County

This may be a tenant house or even an old commissary. It’s hard to tell in its present state. It’s just north of Finleyson.

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Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Circa 1850, Pulaski County

This I-House (also known as Plantation Plain) is being preserved, but I can’t locate any history other than the approximate date of construction. There two doors on the second floor indicate a porch once ran the length of the front facade and are a highly unusual feature for this form.


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Gabled-Ell Farmhouse & Log Corn Crib, Dodge County

This landmark farmhouse and barn were recently exposed after a clear-cut on the old River Road. My father brought them to my attention after traveling to Eastman to a baseball game recently.

It’s a typical unadorned example of one of the most common forms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but a very nice home for its time.

I’ve observed over the years that when properties are cleared, remaining abandoned structures are often quickly demolished to make way for changing land uses.

The log barn appears to be a corn crib or other storage structure. It is already collapsing but I’m honored to be able to document it.


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Conner’s Food Store & Hardware, Pineview


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R. A. Bedgood House, 1894, Arabi

Having last photographed this local landmark in 2009 [see the history of the house and a vintage photograph here], I was determined to get some photos before it is lost forever. I understand that the most recent orders began restoration efforts in the 1990s and were unable to complete the project. I believe the house could, and should, be saved, even in its present state. [I have included the date of 1894 after consulting two sources; it may have been built slightly earlier and I’ll update if I learn more].

A gazebo, which is likely of later construction, remains on the property.

The most interesting dependency, however, is this unique structure just to the left of the house. It is believed to have been Mr. Bedgood’s home office.




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Hall-and-Parlor Tenant Farmhouse, Crisp County

This hall-and-parlor farmhouse features a so-called “preacher’s room” off the left front porch. It has been a landmark to me in my travels between Cordele and Americus for many years.

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Board-and-Batten Farmhouse, Laurens County

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