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Wayne Drug Company Billboard & Barn, Wayne County

I made this photograph in 2011. The sign and barn are still there, but I think the sign is completely faded now. It’s located near Madray Springs on Lanes Bridge Road.


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Bowen Dairy Barn, Pierce County

This landmark stock barn on Cason Road was part of Bowen’s Dairy.

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Smith Brothers Livestock, Bartow

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William & Anna Jordan Homeplace, Marion County

The descendants of William Norris & Anna Singleton Jordan have nicely restored their family’s historic homestead. This is a great example of how a little attention can go a long way in preserving local history.

A well house and historic barn have also been restored.

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Gambrel-Roof Barn, Dooly County


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Gabled-Ell Farmhouse & Log Corn Crib, Dodge County

This landmark farmhouse and barn were recently exposed after a clear-cut on the old River Road. My father brought them to my attention after traveling to Eastman to a baseball game recently.

It’s a typical unadorned example of one of the most common forms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but a very nice home for its time.

I’ve observed over the years that when properties are cleared, remaining abandoned structures are often quickly demolished to make way for changing land uses.

The log barn appears to be a corn crib or other storage structure. It is already collapsing but I’m honored to be able to document it.


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Hall-and-Parlor Farmhouse & Log Barn, Laurens County

This property has recently been cleared, exposing this hall-and-parlor farmhouse and log stock barn. Both structures are very endangered. The barn is a rare example.

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Stock Barn, Orianna

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Conner Stable, Circa 1900, Mount Vernon

This hay and stock barn was built by Franklin Conner and was moved to this site and restored.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

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Commissary, Washington County

This structure is located across the highway from the house in the previous post. I would have included it with that post, but I’m not sure if it’s part of the same farm. I’ve preliminarily identified it as a commissary, since it has windows, but I can’t confirm. It’s a great little building, whatever its past purpose.

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