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Woodland Tenant Houses, Wheeler County

These two houses were dependencies of Woodland. The front-gable example (above) is the newer of the two. Both are imminently endangered.

The Folk Victorian/Queen Anne example may have been an overseers house.  (Interior view)

It’s a nice vernacular interpretation and features board-and-batten walls.


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Tenant Farmhouse, Irwin County

I’ve been photographing this wonderful tenant house for nearly 15 years. It’s a great example of a once-common form.

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Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County

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Turpentine Cabin, Emanuel County

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Brown Tenant House, Dodge County

I believe this tenant house was once owned by Max Brown. Its proximity to the railroad track makes me wonder if it ever had any relation to the turpentine business at nearby Godwinsville.


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Turpentine Cabin, Tetlow

This is about as good a view as can be had of this shotgun house in northwestern Wayne County. It’s located in the vicinity of Tetlow, which still exists on the map and in a nearby road name, but seems lost to history otherwise. Because there are the remains of several nearly identical shotgun houses at the site, I presume this was a turpentine camp at one time. The area in which its located was heavily involved in the naval stores and timber industries throughout much of the twentieth century; the camp was likely abandoned by the 1960s.

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Rhodes Farmhouse, Wilcox County

Thanks to Robert Graham for bringing this house to my attention. It’s a wonderful example of a vernacular farmhouse.

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Pyramidal Roof Tenant Farmhouses, Telfair County

These are two of  the best-preserved houses of this style I have found. Once common throughout Georgia, they’re increasingly rare today.


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Vernacular Farmhouse, Telfair County

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Turpentine Commissary, Toledo

Joe Hopkins writes that this the was commissary for the turpentine operations at Toledo. I would go there on Saturday mornings when I was a kid with my great uncle to pay off the turpentine employees. The store housed basic staples and dry goods for the workers living at the Toledo settlement and the business records of the company. The dirt road on the porch side of the commissary was the original road running from Folkston to St.George.



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