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Jim Dixon House, 1910, Metter

This home also served as Metter’s first hospital.

South Metter Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Stewart-Webster Hospital, 1950, Richland

The cornerstone of the hospital is dated 1949 but I understand it wasn’t completed and occupied until 1950. It was sponsored by the Richland Lions Club and Dr. J. T. Phillips was the hospital authority chairman. This is just one of numerous rural hospitals that have closed in recent years, leaving many without accessible major medical care. The politics around the issue go back and forth, but when your county loses a hospital, that’s irrelevant. This particular hospital served two counties.

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Sumter County Hospital, 1913, Americus

A group of local women established the Americus & Sumter County Hospital Association in 1908 and after raising funds and community interest in a modern medical facility, they dedicated the Sumter County Hospital in 1913.

Initially a 27-bed facility, it doubled in size after the addition of an annex in 1932. It was in use until a new hospital opened north of town in 1952.

This Prairie style landmark has been abandoned for over 60 years and is presently on the market.

Americus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Dismuke & Willis Sanitarium, 1914, Ocilla

Dr. Herman Dismuke holding Brenda McCormick, whom he had delivered a year earlier, 27 April 1947

Ocilla’s first hospital, with 20 beds, was opened by Dr. Herman Dismuke* and Dr. Gabe Willis in 1914. It originally featured wrap-around porches. Jamie Wilcox Lovett and Cindy Griffin note that this was built by their great-grandfather, Robert Toombs Woolsey. It was made obsolete by a newer facility in the early 1930s and is now a private residence.

*Dr. Dismuke was the most beloved physician in Irwin County during his lifetime. He delivered thousands of babies, promoted modern health and sanitary practices through his work with the clinic at Irwinville Farms during the Great Depression and served as the county doctor.

Sandra Crouch Irons writes: My grandfather, Thomas A. Crouch, purchased this building to house his wife and family which included 7 children the first of which was born in 1898 and the last in 1911. I’m not exactly sure as to when he purchased the sanitarium, but I do have photographs of my father, Joseph P. Crouch, outside the back porch when he was about 12 which would have made the date around 1923. The sanitarium was never replaced around the 1930s because the Crouch family lived there. I am aware that my grandfather remodeled some of the interior, but the exterior remained basically the same until it was sold somewhere around the late 1980s/early 90s. I lived in and grew up in this house from 1954, when my father retired from the Marines and moved back to Ocilla, until I went to college in 1965. My husband, Stephen Irons, our daughter, Jennifer, and I continued to visit my parents and Aunt Joree who continued to live here until the house was sold.



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Dr. Madison Monroe Holland House, 1888, Statesboro

This was built as a one-story house but was expanded by Dr. Madison Monroe Holland (1860-1914) Holland in 1908 to accommodate his medical practice. Statesboro didn’t have a hospital at the time and the house served that purpose. Holland was one of Statesboro’s first doctors and briefly owned the Statesboro Drug Store, as well.

National Register of Historic Places


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Taylor Memorial Hospital, 1938, Hawkinsville

This hospital was chartered in 1936. Robert Jenks Taylor gave the city $100,000 for construction of the hospital in memory of his father, Dr. Eziekiel Henry Taylor, and his grandfather, Dr. Robert Newsome Taylor, Hawkinsville’s first physicians. It closed in early 1977 with the completion of a newer facility north of town.  After being in a state of disrepair for many years it is presently being restored for use as apartments.

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Williams House, Waycross

Rita J. McDaniel writes: Looks like the old Williams Home…on Williams Street….just off the corner of Lee Ave and Williams. Was used as a hospital at one time but was built as a residence, if memory serves me. It does appear that the rear section of the house was a later addition.

Waycross Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Wayside Inn, Circa 1850s, Fort Gaines


This served as a temporary Confederate hospital in 1863. I believe it was built in the 1850s.

Fort Gaines Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Convalescent Hospital, Fitzgerald

fitzgerald ga convalescent hospital photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

Though I’m unsure as to the date of its construction, this building served as the first sanitary public hospital in Fitzgerald. It was probably built before 1915. It has been used as an apartment house for many years and has recently been restored by Steve Mixon.

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