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Shotgun House, Kingsland

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Double Shotgun Tenant House, Terrell County

This once-common form has become quite rare today. The house is divided into two residences by a wall through the middle.

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Shotgun House, Dodge County

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Turpentine Cabin, Tetlow

This is about as good a view as can be had of this shotgun house in northwestern Wayne County. It’s located in the vicinity of Tetlow, which still exists on the map and in a nearby road name, but seems lost to history otherwise. Because there are the remains of several nearly identical shotgun houses at the site, I presume this was a turpentine camp at one time. The area in which its located was heavily involved in the naval stores and timber industries throughout much of the twentieth century; the camp was likely abandoned by the 1960s.

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Shotgun House, Candler County

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Shotgun House, Crisp County

The porch is an unfortunate later addition, but the house seems to be in otherwise original condition.

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Shotgun House, Colquitt County

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Shotgun Houses, Leary

I found several shotgun houses in Leary. I’ve always liked them and find them increasingly difficult to locate in authentic condition. The tiny house and sustainable architecture movements have been responsible for new versions popping up all over the place, but the originals have a character all their own.

Even with such a simple style there’s variation and that’s what I like about the Leary examples.


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Shotgun House, Telfair County


Though not the traditional style shotgun house, this is a good example of a slight variation of this iconic vernacular form. It’s wider than most shotgun houses, but is still just two rooms connected by a common doorway.

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Cotton Mill Tenant House, Poulan


I first thought this to be a commissary but Hugh Harris West writes that this was not a commercial structure. It was a shotgun cotton mill house and I knew the families who lived there in the ’40’s and ’50’s. There was an identical house to the right of this. I do not know what is stored, if anything, in this structure now. The exterior window treatments were changed when it ceased to be a dwelling.


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