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Wayne Drug Company Billboard & Barn, Wayne County

I made this photograph in 2011. The sign and barn are still there, but I think the sign is completely faded now. It’s located near Madray Springs on Lanes Bridge Road.


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Jarrell’s Grocery, 1905, Taylor County

The iconic Jarrell’s Grocery is the heart of Taylor County’s Jarrell community. The landmark was just another country store when Floyd Jarrell opened it in 1905, but over the years, as such places have all but vanished from the landscape, it has become a reminder of another time, surviving mostly through the passion of the late Estelle Jarrell (1915-2017). “Miss Essie”, as she was known to all, ran the store for 78 years, enlisting the help of her sons in her later years but remaining a fixture for everyone who came here as much for  conversation as for the sundries. She told Ed Grisamore in a 2015 Macon Telegraph feature that she remembered buying candy in the store as a young girl and started getting the family discount when she married Fred Jarrell, Sr., in 1934.

The store has limited hours today but her sons have done their best to follow her advice in keeping it open.


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Floyd’s Mine Store, Twiggs County

This is located near the old Huber machine shops in the heart of Twiggs County’s kaolin belt.

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Findlay, Georgia

Other than the fact that a post office known as Findlay operated here from 1889-1905, I’ve not been able to track down more information about this lost community. Today, the only visible reminder of its past is this abandoned commercial structure, likely a general store, built by A. C. Bullinton in 1914. A large agribusiness operation, Finley Gin Company, dominates the area today. Of course, there are variations in the spelling of the settlement’s name.


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Planters Warehouse, 1910, Pinehurst

Warehouses like this were once a feature in almost every South Georgia town, from the smallest villages to the cities.

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Church Sign, Trudie

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Walt’s Bar-B-Q, Weber

I can’t find any history of the Weber community, but considering that it was the home of Walt’s Bar-B-Q (Walt Gaskins) and the old Gaskins Consoldiated School, it seems it should have been called Gaskins. I imagine Walt’s was a landmark but looks like it’s been closed for many years.



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Fickling Mill, Taylor County

I’ve not been able to locate much information about Fickling Mill, but it’s definitely one of the best-loved landmarks in the area. The tin building (pictured above) was not part of the original mill, which had its origins in the 19th century. A two-story wooden structure was originally located to the right of the spillway on Patsiliga Creek but either burned or was torn down at some point in the history of the site.

It’s my understanding that the mill was established by Major William Hampton Fickling (1834-1907), Company C 59th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Major Fickling was a Justice of the Peace and served Taylor County in the general assembly.


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General Store, 1934, Powersville

This old general store has been restored and is well-maintained.


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Phillips Grocery, Wheeler County

This was once a busy crossroads store. It’s also been known as the Short Run, among other names.

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