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Coleman House, Jefferson County

This delightful home is unusual in its high style and isolation, likely unique in this section of Georgia. To call it a farmhouse almost seems to minimize its grandeur though its setting among hundreds of acres of open fields confirms that purpose. Buddy Moore notes: This house was the home of my 4th Great Grandfather, E. Lindsey Coleman (1811-1872). Bill Paul adds: My grandfather’s home…when I was a youngster the front yard was surrounded with a white picket fence and gardens.



Vernacular Greek Revival Cottage, Shell Bluff

Though this great little house has a slightly Victorian appearance, I believe its origins are earlier, perhaps as a vernacular Greek Revival.


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Mercer-Bledsoe House, 1855, Georgetown

Historic Photograph (detail) of Mercer-Bledsoe House, courtesy of Jim Bledsoe

Jim Bledsoe writes: This Greek Revival house (the Mercer-Bledsoe House) was built by Levi Mercer for his son Dr. J. W. Mercer (1833-1893). Dr. Mercer first practiced medicine in the Cross Roads community but gave up his practice and came to Georgetown to become a business partner of Edgar C. Ellington. Mr. Ellington owned a large house next door, which was acquired by Dr. Mercer upon Ellington’s death. The house was then known as the Mercer House, though over the years it was owned by J. T. Gipson, L. G. Brannon, and R. G. Methvin. It no longer survives. The original Mercer house (pictured above) was rented out until 1911, at which time it was sold by Charles G. Mercer to William Walton Bledsoe (1874-1953). It is generally known today as the Bledsoe House.



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Greek Revival House, Georgetown


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Harrison-Guerry-Brannon-McKenzie House, 1848, Georgetown

This is the oldest house in Georgetown and is well-maintained. James Bledsoe writes: The Guerry home, now the McKenzie home, was built about the year 1848, first being constructed in Alabama for Samuel Harrison and then being torn down and moved to Georgetown where it was rebuilt by James Harrison for his daughter and her husband, T. L. Guerry. I’m not sure when the home was acquired by the McKenzie family, but Mr. Robert McKenzie raised a family and lived there until just a few years ago until age 104…


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Greek Revival House, Cuthbert

Cuthbert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Boxwood, 1846, Cuthbert

Traditionally known as Boxwood, this Cuthbert landmark was built by Judge William Taylor, the first judge of the South Western Circuit of Georgia and later a Superior Court judge. The home was later owned by James B. Bussey. After being subdivided for use as apartments, it was restored in 1959 by U. S. Representative Bryant T. Castellow and his wife Katherine.

Cuthbert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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