Single-Pen Log Farmhouse, Laurens County

An original single-pen [one-room] log farmhouse is evident within the frame of what was apparently a slightly larger structure.

I have documented several other similar expanded houses, but this one offers a nice glimpse of the original, as the siding of the addition has been removed.

It’s truly an amazing survivor, likely dating to the late 19th century.

As the roofline and fireplace/chimney indicate, the expansion of the house was done relatively early in its history.

This view from the rear gives a better idea of the footprint of the original structure.



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Browning Wesleyan Methodist Church, Laurens County

I’m very interested in learning more about this church, near Rentz, as I have Browning relatives from this area.

As was common tradition at one time, the church is named for a Browning family who gave the land, but that is about all I know.

The Wesleyan Methodists were a splinter from the Methodist Episcopal Church of the era.

I believe the church was built between 1910-1930.

The building has been compromised by termites and weather and is therefore very endangered.

Thanks to Stephanie Miller for making me aware of this beautiful old church.

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Hall-and-Parlor Farmhouse & Log Barn, Laurens County

This property has recently been cleared, exposing this hall-and-parlor farmhouse and log stock barn. Both structures are very endangered. The barn is a rare example.

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Farmhouse Ruins, Laurens County

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Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Laurens County

This is an iconic house type in rural Georgia, sometimes referred to as Cracker Style.

It has that association as it was often the typical housing of white sharecroppers and small farmers, but it’s actually just a single-pen (one-room) house.

This example, like many I’ve encountered, has a preacher’s room on the front, which in the case of most of these utilitarian structures didn’t house a preacher but rather accommodated the needs of a growing family. It also has a shed room at the back. So, the traditional single-pen often grew as the family grew…from one room to three, in this case.

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American Small House, Laurens County

The term American Small House has been assigned in recent years to a type of structure that proliferated from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s. A movement began during the Depression, dictated by changing economic realities, to promote the construction of small homes, often prefabricated, to make home ownership more broadly available to the masses. Previous terms for this type included Depression Cottage, Victory Cottage, and FHA House. This abandoned example well illustrates the general layout of the American Small House.

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Carter’s Chapel United Methodist Church, 1901, Laurens County

Carer’s Chapel was established  in 1885 and named for Mrs. Edith Calhoun Carter, one of its earliest members. The original building was located across the road. I believe the present structure dates to circa 1901.


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Stock Barn, Orianna

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Single-Pen Tenant House, Laurens County

I photographed this structure from a distance so I’m unsure as to all the architectural details, but my initial identification is that it was a tenant house, perhaps dating to the late 19th century. It appears to be well-preserved.

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Warehouse, Circa 1910, Lovett

This was an old warehouse. I don’t know if it was a separate business or related to the adjacent general store.

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