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Mr. Hair Barber Lounge, Fitzgerald


This is a landmark of the African-American community in Fitzgerald. I believe it was a neighborhood grocery store before it became Mr. Hair.

fitzgerald ga mr hair barber shop photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016


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Medical Clinic, Cedar Springs

cedar springs ga shotgun tenant house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

This is quite small, even for a shotgun house, so I initially thought it might be an old office building, but there’s another one on the property (which I was unable to photograph due to vegetation) which led me to believe it might be a tenant house. Pete Tyson clarifies: That was the first aid/hospital of Cedar Springs that Mrs. S. A. Wright told me about. It was moved there in the 1960’s from the little dirt road behind Johnny Golden’s store. It was a barber shop (drinking spot) that was run by Bill Adams and he later moved his shop to Columbia, Alabama, to the old Orr’s Gun Shop on Highway 52. The other was a beauty shop run by May Megahee.

Though it’s obviously best remembered as a barber shop, I’m identifying it by its original purpose.


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Precinct House, Holt

Holt Precinct House Irwin County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Besides a precinct house, this was also used as a barber shop. Katherine Griffin recalls: My Dad, Ed Grantham, used this building to barber for the area farmers on Saturdays until 9: or 10: pm. These old precinct houses are getting harder to find. I’ve photographed this one many times over the years. Tracie Lott Thacker shared my favorite memory of this place: My first ever vote was cast right here. I walked down the dirt road and my grandfather Cleon Lott and Aunt Karen Lott were working here that day.


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Service Station, Leslie

Leslie GA Sumter County Mid Century Gas Station Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vaniishing South Georgia USA 2015

John A. Battle writes: This old service station in Leslie was owned by my sister and her husband, Fred (Buddy) Bass and Joanne Battle Bass, and operated as a drycleaners and barber shop.


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Tip’s Hot Dog Stand & Barber Shop, Surrency

Tips Hot Dog Stand Barber Shop Beauty Salon Surrency GA Appling County Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Karen Igou Holcomb remembers: Best hotdogs in the world. He used to deliver also. If he had enough orders he would drive the 10 miles to Baxley to deliver for lunch. He was a very nice man and his mother was the sweetest.

Tips Barber Shop Beauty Salon Window Mural African American Surrency GA Appling County Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013


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First National Bank Building, 1903, Fitzgerald


Home over the years to everything from the Fitzgerald Police Department, a dentist’s office, cafe, barber shop, and tattoo parlor, the First National Bank Building in recent years was known as the office of General Insurance Company. Connie Kruger adds: This building was also, for a time,, the offices of the Hebrew Commercial Alliance, which was begun to lend financial aid to Jewish merchants, when other sources were not readily available to them.


I recently got a tour of the building from local builder and preservationst Louie Harper, who will soon renovate it.

Here’s a view made in 1908, showing a barber pole for the National Barber Shop, as well as signs for Dr. Holtzendorf. Archival Photo Courtesy of Louie Harper.


Cast Iron Ornamental Vent


These marble steps were not original to the building, unlike those at the main entrance.


This is the ground floor, which was originally home to the First National Bank. It’s remembered in recent years as the office of Joe Hair’s General Insurance Company.


These rooms on the second floor were the offices of early Fitzgerald dentist and businessman Dr. C. A. Holtzendorf.


This is the basement stairway leading to Grant Street. It was once the National Barber Shop, as well as the Fitzgerald Police Department headquarters, and lastly, a tattoo parlor.


Fitzgerald Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Foskey Barber Shop, Oak Park

oak park ga foskey barber shop photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

On another post about Foskey’s, a user wrote: Back in the day, Oak Park had a reputation for being a “rough place” and we used to tease my dad when he would go there to get his hair cut — “Daddy, you’d better make sure he knows how to do stitches as well as cut hair!”


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