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Woodland Dependencies, Wheeler County

This impressive stock barn at Woodland (it may have been used as a dairy) is one of the largest of its type in this section of South Georgia. Several other smaller barns are scattered on the property but many have been lost over the years. The other two structures depicted are the most important surviving dependencies; my identifications are educated guesses and if I’m incorrect, I’ll update.

This was likely a commissary or warehouse.

This may have been the plantation schoolhouse. Its architecture suggests that it is somewhat contemporary to the main house.


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Coleman Garage Barn, Candler County

This iconic three-bay garage barn, among the most unique in South Georgia, was owned for most of its history by Jim Coleman, who also owned the iconic “Big Barn” across the road. It was likely used for both automobiles and tractors over the years. I’ve recently learned that it is no longer standing.

The photographs date to 2015.



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Syrup Shed, Coffee County

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Hay & Stock Barn, Irwin County


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Historic Farmstead, Washington County

I turned around at this house and couldn’t resist photographing this log barn, likely a pack or seed house. I first thought corn crib, but I’m inclined to think otherwise.



Corn Crib, Wayne County

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Corn Crib, Wayne County

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Hay & Stock Barn, Macon County

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Historic Farmstead, Lowndes County

Isolated in the countryside near the Lowndes County ghost town of Delmar, this historic farm is one of the most intact collections of original agricultural structures I’ve ever seen in South Georgia. I’m grateful to Mandy Green Yates for bringing it to my attention. Mandy travels the back roads of South Georgia and North Florida finding lots of places like this. Follow her to see what she finds next.

I believe this was primarily a turpentine camp, as the area was well-known for large scale naval stores production. There would have been tenant houses here at one time, also. The structure above was likely the office for the operation.

My favorite structure is the commissary, which would have served all the needs of this small community.

The shingle-sided barn and water tower are amazing survivors, as well. The owners of the property should be commended for keeping this place in such relatively good condition throughout the years.


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Rushing Barn, Circa 1912, Bulloch County

This hay and stock barn, owned by the John Rushing family, is a twin to the famous Coleman Barn (Big Barn) located about 35 miles away in Candler County. Charles Rushing notes that the Coleman and Rushing families were cousins, explaining the similarity of the two barns. The Coleman barn and this example are among the two nicest early-20th-century barns in South Georgia. They are landmarks in their own right.

Thanks to James Lanier for background and Kenneth Dixon for location information.


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