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Corn Crib, Washington County

Anne Chamlee made this photograph just south of Oconee in March 1991. She shares my fascination with old log structures.

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Gable Front Farmhouse & Shed Barn, Twiggs County

This utilitarian shed/barn is located on the same property as this circa 1930 bungalow.

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Sheppard Barn, Ben Hill County

This barn was recently exposed after some trees were cut. Susan Sheppard Brown notes that it was built by her grandfather, Bill Sheppard, circa 1960, from pine saplings he cut on the property.

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Meadows & Porter Peach Farm, Bleckley County

The extensive Meadows & Porter Farm [Joe Walker Meadows and Marion Porter] is one of the most intact historic peach farms in Georgia. It is anchored by the Meadows’s Queen Anne farmhouse (above). Most of the dependencies are still standing and in good condition. For its connection to one of Georgia’s most iconic crops, the farm should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The commissary is located between the main house and the peach packing shed and is in exceptional condition.

Two tenant houses survive, reflecting different eras in the development of the farm.

This board-and-batten example is likely the earlier of the two.

This is a label from my collection, of Meadows & Porter’s “Rooster Brand” peaches.

The peach packing shed is an amazing example of the form, and peaches are still raised on the farm.

I hope these important structures survive well into the future.


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Woodland Dependencies, Wheeler County

This impressive stock barn at Woodland (it may have been used as a dairy) is one of the largest of its type in this section of South Georgia. Several other smaller barns are scattered on the property but many have been lost over the years. The other two structures depicted are the most important surviving dependencies; my identifications are educated guesses and if I’m incorrect, I’ll update.

This was likely a commissary or warehouse.

This may have been the plantation schoolhouse. Its architecture suggests that it is somewhat contemporary to the main house.


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Coleman Garage Barn, Candler County

This iconic three-bay garage barn, among the most unique in South Georgia, was owned for most of its history by Jim Coleman, who also owned the iconic “Big Barn” across the road. It was likely used for both automobiles and tractors over the years. I’ve recently learned that it is no longer standing.

The photographs date to 2015.



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Syrup Shed, Coffee County

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Hay & Stock Barn, Irwin County


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Historic Farmstead, Washington County

I turned around at this house and couldn’t resist photographing this log barn, likely a pack or seed house. I first thought corn crib, but I’m inclined to think otherwise.



Corn Crib, Wayne County

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