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Turpentine Commissary, Toledo

Joe Hopkins writes that this the was commissary for the turpentine operations at Toledo. I would go there on Saturday mornings when I was a kid with my great uncle to pay off the turpentine employees. The store housed basic staples and dry goods for the workers living at the Toledo settlement and the business records of the company. The dirt road on the porch side of the commissary was the original road running from Folkston to St.George.




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Board-and-Batten Tenant Farmhouse, Tarrytown


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Board-and-Batten House, Emanuel County

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Shotgun Houses, Leary

I found several shotgun houses in Leary. I’ve always liked them and find them increasingly difficult to locate in authentic condition. The tiny house and sustainable architecture movements have been responsible for new versions popping up all over the place, but the originals have a character all their own.

Even with such a simple style there’s variation and that’s what I like about the Leary examples.

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Abandoned Farmhouse, Pebble City


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Brown Farm Tenant House, Owensboro

Matt Brown writes: That’s what we call the dynamite house; they used to store dynamite in it. Before that various tenants lived in it. The house and barns by the road was where my dad’s farming operation was. My sister owns the land and plans to restore the house.

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Board-and-Batten Shotgun House, Tattnall County

This is part of a property that features several salvaged historic structures originally located elsewhere in the county.

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