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Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church, Circa 1861, Brooks County

Bethlehem Primitive Baptist church was established in 1834 as the Baptist Church at Christ Bethlehem, just two years after the Primitive sect was formed nationally from a  split with the Missionary Baptists. They formally affiliated with the Primitive Baptists in 1840.

The present church, constructed circa 1861, is one of the few remaining antebellum structures surviving in Brooks County.

To those familiar with the Crawfordite Primitve Baptists of Southeast Georgia, it will look quite familiar, as it is plain, unpainted, and contains multiple entrances.

The congregation disbanded in 1964, had a brief revival between 1981-1984, and has been inactive ever since.

It’s a serene place that will hopefully be preserved far into the future.

National Register of Historic Places



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First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1918, Thomasville

This congregation was established circa 1918.

Dawson Street Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Bethany Congregational Church, 1891 & 1914, Thomasville

Bethany Congregational Church was built in conjunction with the Allen Normal & Industrial Institute (1885-1933), a progressive school for black children sponsored by the American Missionary Society. The Society was the missionary department of the United Church of Christ. The school had initially been established in Quitman but the white community there burned the school to the ground scarcely six weeks after its opening. The institute moved to Thomasville after this racist episode and built a new home. Bethany was built in 1891, but only the rear section visible above. The front of the church, including the steeple, was added to meet the needs of a growing congregation in 1914.

Andrew Young served as pastor here in 1955, just after graduating from Hartford Theological Seminary in Connecticut. He went on to become a seminal figure of the Civil Rights Movement, an ambassador to the United Nations, and mayor of Atlanta.

National Register of Historic Places

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All Saints’ Episcopal Church, 1881, Thomasville

Established in 1980 on All Saints’ Day, this church initially met in the chapel of Thomas County Community College (now Thomas University). For a permanent home, the congregation acquired an abandoned Catholic church from Thomasville Landmarks. It was moved to this site on South Hansell Street in 1981 and soon thereafter restored. The first service was held here in 1982.

Jacqueline Kennedy attended services in this church at its original location on Jefferson Street while retreating in Thomasville after President Kennedy’s assassination.

Tockwotton-Love Place Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Bronwood United Methodist Church, 1883, Terrell County

From the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church: Camp meetings held at Coney’s Head on Kinchfoonee Creek in the 1850s inspired the organization of Salem Church and the erection of a building in 1857 on land purchased from Thomas Caldwell. When the new church, Brown’s Station, was built in 1883, Salem’s membership declined and its building was sold to the African Methodist Church. Bronwood Church is of virgin pine cut from the area forests…


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Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, 1960, Dawson

This congregation was organized in 1957 and services were held in the Dawson Woman’s Clubhouse until the church was completed in 1960. It was designed by Edward Vason Jones, a prominent architect of his day.

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Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church, Rochelle

This handsome church has recently been restored. I hope to learn more about its history.

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