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Springfield Missionary Baptist Church, 1915, Oak Park

This congregation was established in 1906.

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St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 1898, Tifton

An effort to locate isolated Episcopalians in South Georgia during the 1890s saw the establishment of several congregations, including St. Anne’s in Tifton. Edmund Harding Tift, brother of Tifton’s founder, Captain Henry Harding Tift, was at the forefront of this effort. The Tift family were vastly successful in the shipbuilding and lumber industries and gave resources and labor to the construction of St. Anne’s, which began in March 1898. The Carpenter Gothic sanctuary is clad in curly pine.

By the early 1980s, the congregation was beginning to outgrow its historic home and with an eye on new construction, moved it to its present location from the corner of Central Avenue and 4th Street in 1982.

Replaced by a more modern church in 1985,  “Little St. Anne’s”, as it’s affectionately known, is still used for various services.

Thanks to my former Young Harris College classmate Emily Guerry, who serves as Parish Administrator, for a delightful personal tour and history lesson.


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Phillipi Primitive Baptist Church, Schley County

Phillipi Primitive Baptist Church was established in 1835. The date of construction has been quoted as 1864, but I cannot confirm that at present.

It is built in the common style of Primitive Baptist churches of the latter half of the 19th century.

Though the pews have long been removed, the interior remains in fairly stable condition.

Unfortunately, exterior damage will soon begin taking its toll if stabilization isn’t implemented.

The church and its historic cemetery should be considered an important resource and will hopefully be protected better in the future, if possible.




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Friendship Baptist Church, Bulloch County

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New Hope A. M. E. Church, 1885, Guyton

Celebrating its sesquicentennial this year, New Hope A. M. E. Church was founded by former slaves on 4 August 1869. It’s the oldest black church in Guyton and among the oldest A. M. E. congregations in Southeast Georgia. The original members, mostly the families of carpenters, farmers, turpentiners, and millers, had been members of Methodist churches and sought to build a congregation and community. The neighborhood came to be known as Sugar Hill.

I had the good fortune  of meeting Mrs. Pearl Powell Boynes, who graciously invited me inside the church with my camera. She was a delightful lady who has a background in history and great reverence for her ancestors’ contributions to New Hope. The above photo of her great-grandparents, George (born 1828) and Eve McCall, graces the vestibule of the church.

Reverend W. H. Wells was the first pastor. The church was built with rough-hewn lumber joined with wood pegs and square nails. Originally, the exterior was covered with hand-carved shingles and the walls made of hog-hair and cement plaster. Some of the shingles remain on the exterior. The chandelier in the middle of the sanctuary has been a prominent feature since around the turn of the century. It was originally gas-powered.

The hand-carved pews have been in use since the church was completed.

National Register of Historic Places



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Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church, Circa 1861, Brooks County

Bethlehem Primitive Baptist church was established in 1834 as the Baptist Church at Christ Bethlehem, just two years after the Primitive sect was formed nationally from a  split with the Missionary Baptists. They formally affiliated with the Primitive Baptists in 1840.

The present church, constructed circa 1861, is one of the few remaining antebellum structures surviving in Brooks County.

To those familiar with the Crawfordite Primitve Baptists of Southeast Georgia, it will look quite familiar, as it is plain, unpainted, and contains multiple entrances.

The congregation disbanded in 1964, had a brief revival between 1981-1984, and has been inactive ever since.

It’s a serene place that will hopefully be preserved far into the future.

National Register of Historic Places


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First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1918, Thomasville

This congregation was established circa 1918.

Dawson Street Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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