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Springfield Baptist Church, Chester

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New Valley Grove Baptist Church, Irwin County

This photograph dates to 2000. The church, located off Five Bridge Road, was razed by 2007. There is still a cemetery at the site.

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First Baptist Church, Midville

This congregation was organized in 1877 by Reverend James M. Cross and Francis A. Jones.

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Midville United Methodist Church, 1939, Burke County

This church was organized on 18 March 1876. I believe the present structure is an expansion and remodeling of the original wooden church building, dating to 1878. From 1932-1939, Ralph Herman Sandeford oversaw the modernization.


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Eden Baptist Church, Jefferson County

This historic African-American congregation dates to 1885. Reverend Andrew Wilkerson was the first pastor.

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Powersville United Methodist Church, 1919, Peach County

This congregation traces its origins to Allen Chapel Congregational Church, a mission of the Congregational Church of New England, sometime around 1846. The present church was constructed in 1919. In 1920, the trustees decided to affiliate with the Methodists and the church was officially renamed Powersville Methodist in 1922.

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Alamo Baptist Church, Wheeler County

This historic African-American church was organized in 1892. It was re-established in 1954 by Reverend A. Goram. Deacons at the time of re-establishment were L. J. Robinson, H. Geter, Sr., C. H. Gillis, Jr., S. E. Chapman, J. A. Williams, and W. B. Bennett. Trustees were Rufus Mincey, Jessie Dixon, Charlie Little, and Jim Nesbit.

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Unidentified Church, Lyons

This nicely proportioned structured appears to be a church, based on the floor plan, but I can’t find any history or information regarding it in any available sources. I will update when I learn more.


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Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Telfair County



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First United Methodist Church, 1908, Bainbridge

According to Bainbridge First United Methodist Church, the congregation was granted land on this site in 1830 and in 1840 their first church home, a ‘log house’ was constructed. A more formal frame structure was built in 1854 and used until the 1890s. A brick church, the first in Bainbridge, was dedicated in 1899, but was destroyed by fire in 1906. The present Romanesque Revival structure was completed in 1908 and dedicated in 1911.

Bainbridge Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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