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Historic Warehouses, 1907, Valdosta

These derelict warehouses are well-known landmarks in downtown Valdosta. Multiple tenants have occupied them over the past century.

The W. L. Wisenbaker Company, wholesale grocer, was one of the earliest tenants. Others have included the Thomas Dekle Hardware Company, Valdosta Paper Company, Pearce & Skinner, and Mutual Candy Company.

The ghost signs are popular with photographers.

Valdosta Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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General Store, Circa 1900s, Tippettville

This likely dates to the first decade of the 20th century.


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Corner Entrance Store, Circa 1935, Tippettville

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Bank & Post Office, Girard

I recently learned of the existence of this bank from Vivian Wisham, on my Vanishing Georgia Facebook group. She also told me of the house next door. I spoke with an older gentleman while photographing it who noted it was the Bank of Girard (he wasn’t positive about the name) and probably built in the 1910s. After it failed in 1927, it became the Girard Post Office and served that function for many years. He also stated that he had a photograph of his father in front of the post office circa 1934. He was hopeful that it will be saved. The old bank vault remains inside.


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Treado’s Townhouse Restaurant, Sylvania

This was one of the most popular restaurants in Sylvania in its day, with locals and tourists passing through on U. S. 301. It was a much busier road in those days and the stretch from Sylvania to the South Carolina state line still harbors many of these forlorn structures. The interstates ended the glory days of roadside travel and it took a lot of the economy of towns like Sylvania along with it. After Treado’s closed, it was home to at least two more restaurants, Ray’s and Honey’s. Thanks to Dale Reddick and others on the Facebook group Vanishing Georgia for identifying it and sharing their memories.

Alan McIlveen writes: I so much enjoyed your post about Treado’s restaurant. I grew up in Sylvania and had countless meals there. Truly nothing like it anywhere now.
Their cinnamon rolls were world famous. (Really mean it.) I’ve eaten a half dozen at one sitting with fresh milk many times. I have tried to find the recipe but no success. Always a mix of farmers,business men, families, and Yankees -no disrespect intended -sharing an exceptional meal. Always buffet and menu offered. Sylvania was a wonderful place to grow up in the 50’s. If you got in trouble your folks knew about before you got home.


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Meat Packing House, 1917, Statesboro

Known simply as the “Packinghouse”, the Bulloch Packing Company facility that opened here in 1917 was only in business for three years before a fire took out the boiler room on an upper floor in 1920. It’s considered one of Statesboro’s most ‘haunted’ places, but  all of the lore is based on complete fiction. Brooks Simmons, who inherited the Bank of Statesboro from his father, was the president and a chief investor in the business. He lost his investment with the fire but more importantly, during the Crash of 1929, the Bank of Statesboro failed and Simmons lost what remained of his fortune. He committed suicide in 1931, and over time that somehow morphed into the legend that he killed his employees and then himself. But the stories persisted and the structure became a favorite with ghost hunters, urbexers, and squatters alike. In 2015, former Georgia Southern student Scott Taylor bought the packinghouse with the intention of rehabilitating it for use as apartments. It’s actually much more structurally sound than it appears and hopefully, it will soon hav


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Leon’s TV Service, Moultrie

The television and VCR repairman is certainly a vanishing occupation, if it’s not gone already. I made this shot in 2008. A sign just inside the entryway noted that Leon was an authorized Sylvania Tee-Vee repairman.


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