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R. V. Hopper’s Grocery, Munnerlyn



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General Store Ruins, Shell Bluff

A hunting camp is about the only sign of life one encounters in the Shell Bluff community today, but this appears to have been a country/general store at one time. Dale Reddick notes:  Shell Bluff is well southeast and downstream along the Savannah River from the Fall Line. And then, there’s that community of Shell Bluff at the intersection of GA 23 with GA 80. It’s separated by several miles from the actual Shell Bluff & Shell Bluff Landing on the Savannah River. That duality causes problems when discussing “Shell Bluff,” as in which one you mean.

Shell Bluff, in general, derives its name from the fossils of giant oysters that have been found near here, in an area that was once the shallow part of an ancient sea.


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Hopeulikit, Georgia

Hopeulikit is best known for its curious name (pronounced Hope-u-like-it) and many passing through the area wonder what all the fuss is about. It is on the map after all. As it turns out, the Hopeulikit was a dance hall during the 1920s and 1930s and was so popular that the surrounding community adopted its name. The old dance hall is long gone, as is the Ellis store, which was the commercial center of this rural community about seven miles north of Statesboro.

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Gordon Motor Court,1940s, Sylvester

This was one of numerous motor courts along busy U.S. Highway 82 built between the 1930s and early 1960s. This was likely built around the end of World War II. The wrought iron posts are obviously later additions, as they aren’t visible in the vintage postcard, below.

Linen postcard, circa 1945. Courtesy The Tichnor Brothers Collection, Boston Public Library.



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Bank Building, Broxton

I’ve been told this was once a bank but can’t confirm it at this time. I will update if I learn more.

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Lott’s True Value Hardware, Broxton

This was most recently home to Lott’s True Value Hardware. I imagine it was a hardware or department store prior o that.

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Ocmulgee Street, Broxton

Ocmulgee Street was once Broxton’s main commercial area. The Western Auto store was located in the second building from left (above).

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