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General Store, Coney

Gean Nipper recently suggested I make some photographs at Coney. Having driven between Cordele and Americus countless times over the years, I must admit I had never even heard of the place. A couple of old warehouses and commissaries were still standing in the crossroads community near Lake Blackshear until they were destroyed by a tornado a few years ago. This store, the lone survivor, was owned by Mr. Nipper’s grandparents, Lonnie and Dicy Calhoun. It was closed by the late 1960s and briefly reopened in the early 1970s.

Coney was once a busy rail siding and was also the location of a ferry that crossed the nearby Flint River (long before Lake Blackshear was formed).



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Dry Branch, Georgia

I’m not sure if this was a store or a community house but I understand that it has been recently restored. Other than a mid-century post office, now abandoned and replaced by a newer structure on Highway 80, this is the only public building I found in Dry Branch. A portion of Dry Branch is located in Bibb County, but I believe this is in Twiggs County.

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Bobby Rhodes Filling Station, Waynesboro

This was probably a small store in addition to being a filling station.


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Warehouse, Circa 1900, Waynesboro

Waynesboro Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Sharon’s Convenience Store, Burke County

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Hawe’s Grocery, 1893, Perkins

I’m unsure if this was always known as Hawe’s Grocery; it was likely a general store when built in 1893.

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Central of Georgia Railway Depot, Perkins

I’ve been unable to find a date for this depot. I’ll update with more information when I can locate it.

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