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Wat Hathainares Buddhist Meditation Center, Ware County

On one of the most rural roads in Georgia it is quite a surprise to come upon this fascinating place. Wat Hathainares is a Buddhist meditation center located on the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp. It’s not a cult or a compound, but simply a place of peaceful meditation.

The statuary is quite impressive, and contrary to popular belief, they are not worshiped.

Like all religions and belief systems, Buddhism is not monolithic. Numerous ethnic groups and various sects follow the teachings of the Buddha.

The practitioners at Wat Hathainares are from Thailand.


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Billy Carter’s Service Station, Plains

Billy Carter (1937-1988) bought this station from Mill Jennings in 1971 and owned it until 1981. During Jimmy Carter’s campaign for President in 1976, it became famous as the headquarters for the national media while they were in Plains. He reminisced of those days: There were 20,000 tourists a day pouring into Plains right after Jimmy’s election. Cars would be bumper-to-bumper for about 10 miles, from Americus to Plains. Highway 280 looked like a Los Angeles freeway. At the height of the station’s popularity 2,000 cases of beer and between 40,000 to 50,000 gallons of gas were sold every month.

Billy was a character and often got as much press coverage as his brother. He was perhaps best known, though, for his infamous Billy Beer. His endorsement didn’t go far to save the brew, which many said was the worst they’d ever tasted. Cans of Billy Beer can be seen in the service station, which is now a free museum. A pair of Hee-Haw overalls Billy wore are also in the collection, as well as numerous magazine covers and press clippings.


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Roadside Art, Workmore


This old MG convertible and mannequin have been a roadside curiosity for as long as I can remember. They’re located in front of the old Workmore School. You might not call it art, but in lieu of a better description, that’s what I call it.


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Recycled Art, Cobbtown


These are located just south of Cobbtown on Georgia Highway 57. The farmer appears to have been constructed of old fertilizer barrels.



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Police Precinct, Glenwood

Glenwood GA Wheeler County Police Precinct House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

I’m calling this a police precinct because I’ve seen several like it around Georgia, but it appears the police station is now located in the city hall. Still, this is one of the better maintained examples I’ve seen. The Uvalda Police Department, just down the road, utilizes a similar structure (I believe it’s still in use).


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Andy Griffith Show Mural, Broxton

Barney Fife Andy Griffith Show Mural on Farmhouse Broxton GA by Dylan Ross Art Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Some of you may remember this old farmhouse on the outskirts of Broxton that I photographed a few years ago. It originally featured a mural (seen below) done by owner Linda Christian. She really enjoyed doing it and was happy that it brought lots of joy to passersby on US441. It’s presently being spruced up, with a new face, by Dylan Ross. Dylan is a native of Coffee County whose extraordinary talent has garnered him scores of impressive clients and fans ranging from Aaron Murray and Luke Bryan to Lennox Lewis and Dennis Rodman. His work is really fresh and colorful and he’s a working artist in the sense that he’s always creating art. Please visit and like his Facebook page, or link to his website below.



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Sign Barn, Cochran

Cochran GA Barn With Handmade Signs Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

This is part of a complex of several small buildings that are all attached to one another, painted in different bright colors. I’m not sure if it’s part of a thrift-type store or someone’s personal property.


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