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Saddlebag Farmhouse, Canoochee


This old farmhouse near Canoochee has seen better days, but it’s a great example of the saddlebag style, and a detached kitchen remains, as seen below.




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Allen Jones House, 1885, Candler County


This appears to have originally been built as an unusually small Plantation Plain-style farmhouse with the wings likely added as the family grew. The orientation of the house has also been changed, as well, with the entryways now located on what would have originally been the sides.


Across the highway on the farm is this unusual barn, which I initially thought was a smokehouse. But as Edwin King pointed out, smokehouses didn’t have chimneys. I’m not sure if it was originally a smokehouse, with the chimney added later, or if it had some other function. I just can’t place it.


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Board-and-Batten Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County


This style house was once common in turpentine camps but was also utilized on large farms. This one seems to have been recently exposed and as is often the case the property is likely to be cleared in the near future.


No one who lived in these types of houses had an easy life, but they were often an improvement over the drafty log housing common with the working class a few decades earlier.




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Vernacular Farmhouse, Tattnall County


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Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County


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Gable Front Farmhouse, Tattnall County


From the early 20th century until World War II, the gable front style was among the most popular vernacular forms in rural Georgia. The houses were functional and practical, yet many have been abandoned in recent years.

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Dogtrot House, Tattnall County


Located southeast of Reidsville, this dogtrot is an amazing survivor. From my perspective, these are getting harder and harder to find.



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