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Hall and Parlor Farmhouse, Decatur County

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Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County

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Central Hallway Farmhouse, Johnson County

This house has lost its front porch but retains a detached kitchen.

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Abandoned Farmhouse, Johnson County

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Craftsman Farmhouse, Washington County

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Pyramidal Roof Farmhouse, Pulaski County

I’ve been passing this old farmhouse all my life and somehow it has survived. It looked just like this 20 years ago, so maybe it will be around for a long time to come. It’s actually a pyramidal roof cottage with and extension at the back.

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Georgian Cottage, Circa 1870s, Dodge County

This house once anchored a farm on the edge of Eastman. It’s in the Georgian Cottage style and typical of middle class farms that began to prosper in the years following the Civil War. While it has not been identified or dated as yet, its architecture indicates it was likely built in the decade following the war.

The ruins of a tobacco barn on the driveway leading to the main house, as well as a tenant houses at the end of a row of pecan trees, indicate that this was an active farm well into the 20th century. It appears to have been abandoned for many years and is located on private property. I’m lucky to have been given the opportunity to document it and am grateful to the owner for granting permission facilitated by David Bray. David was a great host in showing the property, which ultimately the owner would like to see moved and saved. Unfortunately, it may be too far gone.

The wraparound porch is thought to be a later addition.

It features hand-carved porch posts that give it a bit of a Folk Victorian appearance.

The four interior rooms have been “updated” but still retain wainscot chair rails and what are thought to be the original mantels. The mantels reflect a middle class owner, who used spindles to add ornamentation.

The rear of the house is a mirror image of the front.

I hope the house can be moved and saved, but it would need to happen soon. The owner will give it to someone who will move it; if you know someone with a serious interest, please contact me.


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