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Queen Anne Folk Victorian Farmhouse & Barn, Marion County

This historic farmhouse is a great example of Folk Victorian architecture.

As is somewhat common in this area, local stone was used in the construction of the chimney.




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Melvin Purvis House, Laurens County

This six-gabled farmhouse (one is on the other side) was the home of Melvin and Martha Browning Purvis. It is an amazing example of  Folk Victorian construction and is maintained as an art studio today. Thanks to Marsheila Bush Rhodes for the identification.


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Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Washington County

This beautiful home commands a nice view of the surrounding farmland from its promontory along a busy highway north of Sandersville. Records I’ve located date it to 1910, but I think it’s probably an earlier central hallway form, later updated with the Queen Anne dormers and the exposed rafters. Several historic barns are well-maintained on the property, as well.




Folk Victorian House, 1894, Rincon

This was likely built by the builder of the Elliot B. Hinley House, two blocks away; if not, it was strongly influenced by it.


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Elliot B. Hinely House, 1894, Rincon

This is one of two very similar Georgian-style Folk Victorians on Georgia Avenue. There is a nice windmill in the back yard of this property.


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Queen Anne Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Washington County

I’m honored to be able to share this photograph by Anne Chamlee; it will be one of several I plan on publishing here and on Vanishing North Georgia. Earlier this year, Anne reached out to let me know that she appreciated the work I was doing documenting Georgia’s rural architecture and that she had some photographs of her own that I might enjoy seeing. After several back-and-forth emails and some phone conversations, I’m so glad we were able to make a connection. She’s just as intrigued by the architecture of rural Georgia as I am and by the late 1980s was wandering around the backroads of Middle Georgia, photographing the endangered examples that sparked her interest. She’s also a delightful conversationalist, which is a bit of vanishing thing itself these days.

A Sooner by birth, Anne came South with her family just as the Dust Bowl was coming to an end. They wound up in Florida and she eventually met and married a man with roots in Hancock County, Tilmon Chamlee. Tilmon was a rising architect who had a very successful career in the commercial sector. After many years in Florida and then Macon, Anne and Tilmon eventually settled at Lake Sinclair in Baldwin County, where he continued his practice and indulged in his love for flying. He was also a commercial and instrument-rated pilot. Tilmon passed away in 2015 but Anne remains active in the community. After talking with her on the phone a few times, I still cannot believe she’s 85.

Regarding the house: It was located near Warthen, and is believed to be no longer extant. The photo dates to January 1989. It is of particular interest, as there is a very similar example nearby. The ornamental middle “gable”, as best I can tell, is a localized vernacular interpretation of the Queen Anne style. It’s possible they were the work of the same builder.



Folk Victorian Cottage, Montezuma

This gabled-ell cottage has strong Victorian accents, perhaps indicating it may have once had a Queen Anne appearance.

Montezuma Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Folk Victorian Cottage, Byromville

This small gabled-ell cottage is a great example of the Folk Victorian style.

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General Store, Crisp County

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Bailey House, 1904, Summertown

This has been tentatively identified as the Wallace Bailey House. If this is incorrect, I’ll update.


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