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General Store, Washington County

Anne Chamlee photographed this old store on Union Church Road near Wadley in January 1989.

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General Store, Circa 1910, Howard

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Historic Storefront, Bullard

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Unidentified Greek Revival Building, Twiggs County

This relatively well-preserved structure is a bit of a mystery. I first thought it to be a general store, but it is possible it was a church. Resource surveys date it to 1870 but I believe it could be antebellum.

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Floyd’s Mine Store, Twiggs County

This is located near the old Huber machine shops in the heart of Twiggs County’s kaolin belt.

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Holliday Food Store, Higgsville

This store was owned by Marion Vinson “Doc” Holliday (1902-1987), who also served on the county commission and drove a school bus for many years. I believe it was open until the late 1980s. Thanks to Ladonna Johnson for the identification.

I’ve not been able to find much information about Higgsville. A post office was established here in 1833 and A. B. Higgs was the first postmaster. The post office closed in 1843. It’s not on any map today, but the name lives on through an historic African-American church in the community. I suspect it was a plantation community and may have been a ghost town by the end of the Civil War. It appears on census rolls at least until 1940.


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General Store, Garden Valley

This small store probably sold groceries and gas.

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Capron, Georgia

I first thought this are to be a community known as Jalappa, since the road is named Jalappa and a list of U. S. post offices makes reference to a post office at Jalappa from 1851-1855. Further research is required on Jalappa. However, as to the places seen here, Sammy Lester writes:  This is my family home. It was a plantation at one time. The mail came from Montezuma by horseback. The name is Capron. My Grandfather named the post office after the first officer that fell going up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt. Once there was a cotton gin, grist mill, a shingle mill and blacksmith shop along with the general store. The wooden building (above) is the original store and you can still see the mail slot. Capron circa 1898!

The brick storefront (below) dates to 1910, and most of the structure is gone.


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Findlay, Georgia

Other than the fact that a post office known as Findlay operated here from 1889-1905, I’ve not been able to track down more information about this lost community. Today, the only visible reminder of its past is this abandoned commercial structure, likely a general store, built by A. C. Bullinton in 1914. A large agribusiness operation, Finley Gin Company, dominates the area today. Of course, there are variations in the spelling of the settlement’s name.

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General Store, Crisp County

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