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H. C. Taylor General Merchandise, Stevens Crossing


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Zebina, Georgia

I can’t locate any information about Zebina, but like so many other abandoned crossroad “ghost towns” it was probably never much more than a whistle-stop and a place where area farmers gathered to swap tales and “trade”.

The legend on the front of the store is difficult to read; the first word is indiscernible but the next words are “Cash Store”.

The Coca-Cola mural is a ghost, too.

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Historic Storefront, Sparks

Judging by the design on the top of the building, this was likely a larger structure at one time. The decorative eagle medallions are a wonderful architectural feature.

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Historic Storefront, Lenox

This was likely a general/grocery store at some time in its history.

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General Store, Stapleton Crossroads

Dr. Faye Stapleton Burnett writes:  This is the area in Jefferson County, Ga. known as “Stapleton Crossroads.” Also in this area was “Stapleton Academy,” and “Stapleton Mill Pond.” My Great Great Grandfather, Maj. Rev. George Lawson Stapleton Jr. (1794-1874) lived in this area, near Grange, Ga. I have a copy of his obituary in my book, “The Hanging of Susan Eberhart,” as he rode almost 200 miles to Preston, Ga. to try to stop the hanging, and then say the final prayer on the gallows with the third white woman ever executed in Georgia.

This is a different area than the current town of Stapleton. The town was initially “Spread Oak,” then “Spread,” and then in 1885 it was renamed “Stapleton,” in honor of my Great Grandfather Col. Rev. James Stapleton. It was renamed at the time that the Augusta, Gibson & Sandersville Narrow Gauge Railroad was opened. (He was on the Board of Directors.)



Peebles Commissary, 1920s, Emanuel County


Becki L. Stroud writes: This store was once owned by Malley Houston Peebles who sold it to his younger brother Cicero Talmadge Peebles. Malley Peebles moved closer to Swainsboro, Georgia, and opened the long gone Southern Pines Tourist Camp on U.S. Hwy 1. I believe the building dates back to around the 1920s. My grandparents were married there by a justice of the peace.

Like many commissaries, this may have also served the area as a general store.

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R. V. Hopper’s Grocery, Munnerlyn


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