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General Store, Workmore



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Historic Storefronts, Ailey


It’s amazing that most of the buildings in a town as small as Ailey are in good condition. The Peterson Companies have done the restoration and utilize the structures for various purposes.


This is one of two false-front buildings on Railroad Street. Surviving examples of this form are relatively uncommon in Georgia.


When I can identify these structures, I will likely repost them individually.


This building, on the corner of Railroad and Broad Streets, is a fine example of formal commercial architecture common at the turn of the last century.


These utilitarian structures may have been related to the railroad.



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General Store, Stapletons Crossroads


This served for many years as the precinct house for the Stapletons Crossroads community (not to be confused with nearby Stapleton). It was likely a store before it was used as a precinct house.


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General Store, Canoochee


This was obviously an old store at one time but I haven’t been able to locate much information about Canoochee. It’s a neat area, though, and there’s a nice store still in business across the road.

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O. A. Hall Store, Twin City


The O. A. Hall Store opened in 1929 and was operated by Mrs. Hall for many years. In fact, it’s better known as the Mrs. O. A. Hall Store. It’s the oldest in Emanuel County. Though no longer a general store, the business is still in operation as a pecan buying point and agricultural supply. I spoke with the son-in-law of the present owner who’s a grandson of O. A. Hall, and he related that the business is still profitable though it’s changed with the times. He said the biggest item in the store today is pine straw twine.


Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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Abandoned Store, Bridgeboro


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Mosely Building, Circa 1910, Jakin

jakin ga mosely building photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

The right side of this building served as the Mosely Drug Company from 1910-1927. I presume the remainder was a general store, judging by the sign.

jakin ga o h mosely sign photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016


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