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Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Sumter County

There are two ghost towns in Georgia named Pennington. One is in Morgan County, near Madison, and the other is here in Sumter County, just a mile or two from Andersonville. A large plantation was once located here but it has long since vanished.


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Historic Farmstead, Lowndes County

Isolated in the countryside near the Lowndes County ghost town of Delmar, this historic farm is one of the most intact collections of original agricultural structures I’ve ever seen in South Georgia. I’m grateful to Mandy Green Yates for bringing it to my attention. Mandy travels the back roads of South Georgia and North Florida finding lots of places like this. Follow her to see what she finds next.

I believe this was primarily a turpentine camp, as the area was well-known for large scale naval stores production. There would have been tenant houses here at one time, also. The structure above was likely the office for the operation.

My favorite structure is the commissary, which would have served all the needs of this small community.

The shingle-sided barn and water tower are amazing survivors, as well. The owners of the property should be commended for keeping this place in such relatively good condition throughout the years.


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Log Tobacco Barn Ruins, Lowndes County

This is located near the historic turpentine community of Delmar.

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October 15, 2019 · 7:54 AM

Wetherington-Robinson Elementary School, Circa 1956, Delmar

After a long history of operating substandard schools for African-Americans, Georgia began building modern schools for black students in the early 1950s. This effort to delay desegregation was a knee-jerk response to Brown v. Board of Education, and while the state spent a small fortune building these schools, desegregation was a done deal and implemented fully by the early 1970s. Many of these schools still stand throughout Georgia.

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Brantley House, Circa 1880, Brewton

Brewton, originally spelled Bruton, was established around 1888 and was the busiest settlement in eastern Laurens County well into the early 20th century. I’ve yet to locate any history of this house, which has been abandoned for many years. It’s likely among the oldest structures remaining in the settlement. Brenda C. Lumley notes that the house is known locally as the Brantley House.

William Brantley writes: I am the grandson of the builder/owner of this house in Brewton, Georgia. It was completed around 1880. The owner was Freeman Hill Brantley.


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Warehouse, Circa 1910, Lovett

This was an old warehouse. I don’t know if it was a separate business or related to the adjacent general store.

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Grocery/General Store, Lovett

This appears to be the newest of the three commercial structures in Lovett but I have no idea as to its age. It was likely the last store open in the community.

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