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Quality Food Mart, Irwinton


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Pine Ridge Meats & Groceries, Norman Park


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Lauri Jo’s, Norman Park

If you’re familiar with the Georgia Grown program of the Department of Agriculture, you’re likely a fan of locally sourced products. From Southern Pecan Pepper Jelly to Pickled Okra to Candied Jalapenos, Lauri Jo’s offers a little something for everyone. I stopped by their retail and production space in Norman Park the other day to pick up a couple of jars of their Southern Sweet Cucumber Pickles, a family favorite. My mother , who says they’re as good as the ones my great-grandmother used to make, called me on the road to ask me to get some. The folks that work for Lauri Jo make you feel right at home and are rightfully proud of their products. I got a look at a big wall map of the United States with pins on all the places Lauri Jo’s has been shipped and sold. There were lots of pins.

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L. D. Wright Grocery, Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald historian Paul Dunn relayed this history to my father via telephone: This was L. D. Wright’s grocery store. Railroad employees charged their purchases and later “picked up” their tickets and paid their balances in the store. L. D. Wright ran two “store trucks” and traveled the area trading groceries for chickens, eggs, etc. The trucks were loaded with chicken crates to facilitate this practice.

A decal on the door revealed during a recent cleanup of the property suggests that Wright was associated with the RIO brand. RIO, an acronym for Retail Independently Owned, was a grocery syndicate once associated with hundreds of small grocers all over Georgia.



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Morris Store, Waresboro

Joe Spence notes that this was originally owned by Ms. Morris, who lived in the houses next door, but was later sold to the the Spences, who operated it for many years.


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Normantown Grocery, Toombs County


Normantown is a very small and isolated community, but this store is quite busy.

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C. R. Giles Groceries, Washington County


This iconic country store on Deepstep Road was established at Giles Crossroads in 1922.


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