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Hip-Roof House, Washington County

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Pyramidal Roof Farmhouse, Pulaski County

I’ve been passing this old farmhouse all my life and somehow it has survived. It looked just like this 20 years ago, so maybe it will be around for a long time to come. It’s actually a pyramidal roof cottage with and extension at the back.

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Pyramidal Roof Cottage, Fitzgerald

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Pyramidal Roof House, Lilly

I’ve always liked this house and was amazed it was still someone’s home until very recently. It appears to have taken on some storm damage since the last time I was through Lilly.


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James Stapleton Jr. House, 1886, Stapleton

Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett, who has numerous family connections to the area, writes: When we went to Stapleton Ga. today, I discovered this house was originally owned by James Stapleton Jr. (1862-1941), son of Col. James Stapleton and my Grandfather’s half brother. He later moved from this house to the home of the late Mrs. Marguerite Newsome, just down the street. It is a large white two story home with a great old barn across the road – perhaps it has been posted as well. The glass globes on the weather vane/lightning rods were light lavender today. I thought they were more red in color, so not sure if they change with temperature and conditions, or I am just wrong!!



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Pyramidal Roof Tenant Farmhouses, Telfair County

These are two of  the best-preserved houses of this style I have found. Once common throughout Georgia, they’re increasingly rare today.


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Hip-Roof Farmhouse, Emanuel County

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