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New Webster County Jail, 1910, Preston

Built to replace the old jail, which was located next door (below), this structure was used at least into the 1990s to temporarily house prisoners and as the sheriff’s’ office.

National Register of Historic Places


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Old Webster County Jail, Circa 1856, Preston

This wooden jail was built soon after Kinchafoonee County became Webster County and served that purpose until 1910. It’s among the only antebellum jails still standing in Georgia. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett writes: This is the jail in which Susan Eberhart and Enoch Spann were housed from 1872-1873, when they both were hanged for murdering Spann’s invalid wife. This is a tragic tale of justice, mercy, ignorance, poverty and mental illness. 

It was unheard of for a white woman to be executed in 19th-century Georgia, and many, though aware of Eberhart’s guilt, were opposed to it. The case was a media sensation, prompting former Confederate vice-president Alexander Stephens to opine in his newspaper, the Atlanta Daily Sun: “the most interesting case of crime that ever occurred in Georgia, and which is certainly one of the strangest in history of crimes.”

Dr. Burnett has just published a book about this case and you can contact her here for information on ordering.

National Register of Historic Places


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Edison City Jail, 1904

The nicely restored jail and fire engine are the centerpiece of a small park on Hartford Street.


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Telfair County Jail, 1902, McRae

Few historic jails of this age are still in use but Telfair County’s is an exception. It’s been renovated in recent years and additions have been made. This was a common style for jails in the early 20th century.

National Register of Historic Places



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Pierce County Jail, 1894, Blackshear

This served as the county jail until 1926, when another facility was constructed near the courthouse. This facility served as the city jail until 1976, as well as police headquarters. It has been empty for many years and will hopefully be restored in the near future.

National Register of Historic Places


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Ailey Jail


Small temporary jails of this style are also known as calabooses.




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Beech Street Landmarks, Cochran

Cochran GA Beech Street Landmarks Jail Cotton Warehouse Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

The Bonded Warehouse (l) and the old Bleckley County Jail (r) are two of my favorite landmarks in Cochran.

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