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Neoclassical Revival House, McRae



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Eclectic Victorian House, McRae


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Workmore School, Telfair County


This school was probably built in the 1950s.



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General Store, Workmore


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Tornado Damage at Young’s Chapel, Ben Hill County


Young’s Chapel has been one of my favorite places since I first discovered it over ten years ago. I drive out from Fitzgerald nearly every time I’m home just to check on it. Though I have no connections to the church, I’ve always felt at home when I visit. It’s the kind of place that has that effect on many. On one of those recent trips, I was heartbroken when I saw the damage done by a tornado which passed through in January. As if this special little church needed anything else working against it.


Luckily, Matt Brown recently rescued the pews before vandals could steal or destroy them. They were gone before the tornado came through.


Talk of restoration has been ongoing, but in light of the recent damage it will be an even more difficult task, perhaps impossible.


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Demolition of the Irwinville Hotel


There’s just something unsettling about this picture of the Irwinville Hotel.  Many people have contacted me with complaints about the destruction of this mid-1880s landmark. The most common comments (and they’ve been numerous) have been: “Just what the world needs, another Dollar General” and “Dollar General is a plague on the landscape“.  I tend to agree. While I agree that anyone has the right to sell their land to anyone whom they wish to, I’m amazed that the community couldn’t come together for a better solution. In the past few years, Irwinville lost their post office, can barely keep the capture site of Jefferson Davis open, and now, is losing this. All this while a local state representative and state senator made no overtures to do anything about it. I don’t believe it’s the government’s responsibility to “save” these places, but a little input would have been nice.


While I’ve seen interior shots of the hotel posted on other sites, I was unable to get such images. At any rate, the property has long been used as a residential rental and retained very little of its historic interior appearance.


Progress is never a bad thing, as I’ve said numerous times over the past ten years. But the loss of landmarks in our smallest towns shouldn’t be a part of that progress.








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Brinson United Methodist Church, 1901, Decatur County


The origins of this church can be traced to the Spring Creek Mission, organized in 1867. A crude log building served as the first church.  In 1871, the congregation adopted the name of Mt. Zion and a second structure of frame construction was built. The third and present building dates to 1901.

Brinson Family Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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