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General Store & Post Office, Matthews

This general store is built in the same style as the one pictured in the next post, located on the other end of Oak Street. Keith McLendon notes that it served as the Matthews post office until about 15-20 years ago.

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Post Office, Ohoopee

Located near the railroad tracks in Ohoopee, this appears to be the last remaining commercial structure in the community. It’s also possible that it served as a bank. Cindy Talley Nolfe, via Facebook, notes that it was the U. S. Post Office in the 1950s. [The post office closed in Oak Park in 1953].

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Bank & Post Office, Girard

I recently learned of the existence of this bank from Vivian Wisham, on my Vanishing Georgia Facebook group. She also told me of the house next door. I spoke with an older gentleman while photographing it who noted it was the Bank of Girard (he wasn’t positive about the name) and probably built in the 1910s. After it failed in 1927, it became the Girard Post Office and served that function for many years. He also stated that he had a photograph of his father in front of the post office circa 1934. He was hopeful that it will be saved. The old bank vault remains inside.


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Post Office, 1939, Ashburn

Ashburn Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Post Office, Hartsfield

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Old Post Office, Graham

R. Bayne Stone writes: This was originally the Graham post office. It is hard to see, but there are still bars on the windows. After a time Graham could not support a full-time staffed Post office and it was moved to my Great-Uncle Milledge Stone’s grocery store and staffed part time by his daughter. This building (the abandoned post office) was crudely converted to a residence. You can barely see the eve of the bathroom added and a front entrance on the front facing the railroad. Across the railroad there stands what once was a huge beautiful home and across from it was a bank and a movie theater.

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Altamaha Post Office, Reidsville

There are several historic outbuildings on the property of the Alexander Hotel. A sign indicates that this is the old post office from the Altamaha community.

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