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Masonic Lodge, 1946, Irwinton

The Masonic Lodge is also home to the Wilkinson County Post. Maebob’s Diner is located to the left of the building.



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BJ’s Bar-B-Que, Jesup

As with most good barbeque spots, BJ’s Original Hog Wild Bar-B-Que in Jesup is a bit ragged around the edges, but don’t let the looks fool you.

For nearly 30 years, BJ’s has been doing barbeque right in Jesup. Pulled (they call it chopped) pork with a tangy mustard sauce is the highlight of their menu for me. I personally hate sweet sauce on meat. Their baked beans, which I recommend, are a bit sweet but full of pieces of pork. Brisket, chicken, and Brunswick stew are also available. The only thing I don’t care for here is the slaw, which is just too sweet. But the pork is so tender and the sauce so good, the slaw isn’t that big of a deal for me.

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Eden Roc Motel & Restaurant, 1958, Wayne County

Located five miles south of Jesup on US 301, the Eden Roc was a motel and restaurant owned and operated by Bill and Lila O’Leary. Thanks to Sandra Crawn for the identification; she notes that it was “a landmark indeed”.

The swimming pool (the outline of which is visible in the first photograph) as seen on a postcard from 1958, the year the motel was built.

Many such properties were located on US 301 near Jesup when it was a major north-south artery to Florida. Most thrived until the late 1960s when the construction of I-95 made them obsolete.

The original signage was larger and had a horizontal orientation. This one was probably added toward the later years of its operation.


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Norman Park Cafe

In many South Georgia towns, historic storefronts are finding new life as restaurants. Jim Howard writes: This building was built as a bank. When the bank failed the property was purchased by my mother and stepfather. Hazel & Frank Griffin. And they started the cafe. The Suwannee store was on the other end of the block. In between was the picture show, Sat. Mon & Wed nites



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Pope House-Lankford Manor, 1892, Tifton

Built for the Pope family in 1892, this was converted to a boarding house and restaurant in 1934 by the Lankford family. Pre-interstate, when US41 was a main north-south route to Florida, it was one of the busiest tourist sites in Tifton and known statewide, even nationally. After the boarding house ceased operation, the popular restaurant remained a Tifton landmark for many years.

Tifton Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Billy’s Restaurant, Tifton

Several restaurants have been located here over the years. The old Billy’s Restaurant sign appears to date to the 1950s or thereabouts. It was most recently Hawk-Eye Bar-B-Que.

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Alapaha Restaurant

alapaha restaurant berrien county ga photogrpah copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

I think this has been home to several restaurants over the years.

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