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William L. Brown Farm Market, Montezuma

This popular farm market was established as a roadside stand by William L. Brown and his wife, Debra, in 1966. The family continues to operate it today and it has earned landmark status with locals and travelers alike. A second market is now open in Columbus. Visit their website to check on what’s available at any given time.

You’ll probably meet Molly when you’re here. She’s very friendly but mostly likes to just hang out and watch the customers.

Known for its peaches (and peach ice cream, and beans), it features a wide variety of seasonal local produce.

I generally only like the heirloom tomatoes my father grows, but these weren’t bad.

I visited recently with my parents and we bought some late Elbertas, and of course we had to have the peach ice cream. It’s homemade and really should not be missed, no matter when you drop by.


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Guido Gardens, Metter

Guido Gardens is a place of refuge, just a couple of miles off I-16 in Metter, which has always been free and open to the public 24/7, 365 days a year. Walk around these three acres and you’re guaranteed to find a sense of inner peace, no matter your faith or belief system. It’s a testament to the vision of Michael Guido, who was better known as “The Sower” through his syndicated newspaper column and radio and television broadcasts, Seeds from the Sower. His wife, Audrey, was responsible for the design of the gardens. At a time when televangelists were plagued with scandal, Michael Guido was seen as a stabilizing voice. He never asked for money and actually gave his message to any and all who would hear it. Guido’s Sower Ministries is still going strong.

Take an hour and walk through the pines and flower beds. Listen to the calming sounds of waterfalls, which seem to be around ever corner.

One of the great features of the gardens is the Chapel in the Gardens, a modern prayer chapel built in 1984 in memory of Evelyn Stillwell. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale came to Metter to assist with the dedication.

As the guest registry in the chapel indicates, people come from all over the country and even the world to this special place of refuge.

The Carpenter’s Shop and the Empty Tomb (not pictured) are representations of important places in Jesus’ life.

A museum is also located on the grounds.






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Altamaha Formation Outcrop, Jeff Davis County

Altamaha Grit Sandstone Outcrop Middle Miocene Flat Tub Broxton Rocks Jeff Davis County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

If you’ve ever traveled Georgia Highway 107 between Jacksonville and Snipesville, you’ve undoubtedly noticed these large outcrops near the Coffee/Jeff Davis County line. They’re an extension of the better-known Broxton Rocks, a natural area protected by the Nature Conservancy of Georgia. The area, known as Flat Tub,  is accessible as a Georgia Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and recent covenants have led to further protections of this fascinating resource.

Altamaha Grit Sandstone Outcrop Middle Miocene Flat Tub Jeff Davis County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Long thought to be Altamaha Grit, different hypotheses suggest that it could be of Altamaha Formation, but not as “gritty” as other such areas previously identified. Another thesis suggests this may be a more specific “Ocmulgee Formation”, the result of a meteorite impact which may have created the Big Bend of the Ocmulgee.

Flat Tub Altamaha Grit Sandstone Outcrop Middle Miocene Wildflowers Jeff Davis County GA Natural Area Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Whatever the specific geology, it’s certainly an amazing environment, almost alien in comparison to adjacent lands.

Altamaha Grit Sandstone Outcrop Middle Miocene Flat Tub Wildflowers Jeff Davis County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015


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Titan I Missile, Cordele


A relic of the Cold War, this Titan I Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) stands nearly 100 feet tall beside I-75 at Cordele. Local Rotary Club president John S. Pate, Jr., requested the surplus missile be dismantled and  flown to nearby Warner Robins Air Force Base. From there it was delivered by truck to its present site.  It was also given the dubious distinction of being named Confederate Air Force Launch Pad No. 1.


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World’s Largest Peanut, 1975, Ashburn


This kitschy monument has been promoting Georgia’s largest cash crop to passersby on I-75 for nearly forty years. Designed by A. R. Smith, Jr., it was sponsored by the Georgia Peanut Commission as a tribute to the peanut industry and as a memorial to Nora Lawrence Smith, longtime editor and publisher of The Wiregrass Farmer. And while there are other monuments to America’s favorite legume scattered around the country, this one is the largest.

The peanut was toppled during Hurricane Michael on 10 October 2018.


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Elephant Tombstone, Colquitt County


Ask anyone in Moultrie about the “elephant” and they’ll gladly direct you to the Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church , where you’ll find the final resting place of William F. Duggan, Sr. (18 January 1899-22 December 1950). Locals contend that this is the most famous landmark in Colquitt County and since it’s thought to be the only life-sized elephant tombstone in the world, the distinction seems appropriate. The life-size sculpture depicts Nancy, a baby elephant owned by Duggan, who had just bought a circus at the time of his death. As a boy, Duggan worked with elephants in various circuses and always favored them. His son had this sculpture commissioned after his death. Athens-based photographer Dagmar Nelson shares a bit more of the history here.


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Chicken Sculpture, Stillmore

stillmore ga chicken sculpture photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Marietta may have the iconic “Big Chicken”, but Stillmore has this artsy tribute to the poultry industry, which is the largest employer in the community.

stillmore ga chicken sculpture detail photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010


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