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Lacy’s Kountry Store, Moniac

Just east of the Florida state line at the St. Marys River, Moniac is a an isolated community in deepest South Georgia. What they lack in population, they make up for with this friendly store, which doubles as a restaurant. Since I’d already had lunch in Yulee, I bought some Mexican 7-Up (made with real sugar) in glass bottles. They had several brands in glass bottles.


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Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Grounds, St. George

The Cherokee of Georgia are descendants of the Cherokee who avoided being rounded up by the government during the forced migration known as the Trail of Tears in the 1830s and are therefore recognized by the state as a tribe but not by the federal government. Their ancestors were able to survive through assimilation.

They host Pow Wows here at least twice a year.


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Sharon’s Convenience Store, Burke County

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Hawe’s Grocery, 1893, Perkins

I’m unsure if this was always known as Hawe’s Grocery; it was likely a general store when built in 1893.

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Herndon Farm, Jenkins County

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Restaurant Window, Edison

Edison Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Camilla Seafood

South Georgians love seafood, largely due to their proximity to two coasts. Most Southeast Georgians live within an hour of the Atlantic Ocean while a majority in Southwest Georgia are nearly as close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Most towns of any size traditionally have a fishmonger; this location has been home to Camilla Seafood, and most recently, Terry’s Fish Market.

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