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Brown Farm Tenant House, Owensboro

Matt Brown writes: That’s what we call the dynamite house; they used to store dynamite in it. Before that various tenants lived in it. The house and barns by the road was where my dad’s farming operation was. My sister owns the land and plans to restore the house.


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Tenant Farmhouse, Washington County

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John McGahee Tenant House, 1870s, Jefferson County

Located in the vicinity of Wrens is this spectacular survivor, a tenant house that can be dated to at least 1879, with its original kitchen still intact. This description and identification was shared with me: an unpainted lap siding house…on the edge of a red clay embankment and very close to the right of way. It is what I would call a salt box style house with a similarly constructed detached kitchen structure close behind it. There is a front porch which is right on the edge of the embankment. The house looks like it has never had window sash and what may be original plain board shutters can be seen on the north side of the main house. The house has a tall look to it and the eave line at the front is higher than on the back side. The front faces west and there are no windows on the front, only the door. Using the 1879 Jefferson County map by L.F. Adkins…the saltbox house [is] shown on the Adkins map as occupied by John McGahee who is listed on the 1860 census of Jefferson County, Div. Pope Hill, age 21, occupation tenant, birthplace Georgia, wife Frances A. age 18, one child John E. age 1…


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Double-Pen Tenant House, Wayne County

Thanks to Richard Herrin for bringing this tenant house near Madray Springs to my attention.

Though highly endangered, it’s a great survivor of the tenant farming era.

The rear features a shed room which runs the width of the house, typical of such structures.


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Board-and-Batten Shotgun House, Tattnall County

This is part of a property that features several salvaged historic structures originally located elsewhere in the county.

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Abandoned Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County


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Board-and-Batten Tenant Farmhouse, Irwin County

This film photograph was made in 2001. This structure was demolished by 2013.

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