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St. Marys River, Charlton County


Originating in the Okefenokee Swamp, the St. Marys River forms the boundary of Georgia and Florida from Charlton County to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also the southernmost point of Georgia.


When “discovered” by Jean Ribault in 1562, it was first called the Seine River. It was later changed to St. Marys in honor of a nearby mission. The name given it by Native Americans was Thlathlothlaguphka, meaning rotten fish.


It’s a typical “blackwater” river so common throughout South Georgia and North Florida and it bears close monitoring as the human population in its watershed expands exponentially.


Though pollution is an increasing problem (so bad that it’s advised to only eat one Largemouth Bass per month and only one Redbreast per week) I saw two fisherman testing their luck yesterday. Just seeing bank-fishing is getting to be a rare thing these days.



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