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Sconyers House, Sycamore

This home was built by Sycamore Gin owner Grady Sconyers. Bill Adams recalls: [The house] came down through Cortez’s family. It was a large red brick home with a porch and steps facing East towards the church, and the South side (now the front) was rather plain. Grady had the changes made to model it after a house which he saw on the road between Palatka and St. Augustin. I don’t recall when it was remodeled…In the years after WWII, as that farm area got electricity, the farmers were able to prosper with tractors, etc. Many remodeled their homes, and often would put out on the porch furniture with marble tops (wash basins and such). If Grady saw one, he would stop and offer to buy it. He saved the marble and later had it converted and used in the house remodel.


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Field Road, Turner County


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Stubbs-Register House, Ashburn

Thanks to Chris NeSmith for the identification. Neal Wynn notes that it was built by the same Macon architectural firm that designed the John Evans House. It likely dates to circa 1897-1900.

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Post Office, 1939, Ashburn

Ashburn Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Controlled Burn, Turner County

Surrounded by forests, most South Georgians are quite familiar with the controlled burn. The practice has applications ranging from sustainable forestry to land clearing.

It’s generally seen as a good practice and helps reinvigorate the land for numerous plant and animal species.


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Camp Mt. Bethel, 1940s, Turner County

This was once the site of Camp Mt. Bethel, a campground of the Georgia State Association of Free Will Baptists. The property is located on an unusual natural landmark, distinguished by Ashburn Formation sandstone outcrops, that was a favorite recreation spot for early settlers of the area near the West Fork of Deep Creek.

I understand that the campground operated from circa 1948 until at least the late 1980s and holds many good memories for those who spent time here.



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Sparrow’s Nest, Ashburn


This is a long overdue correction which replaces a post from 2011. Becky Shingler Anderson clarified some confusion I had about this house when I first photographed it. She wrote: This was the home of my great-grandfather, James Simon Shingler. It is not the childhood home of Betty Shingler Talmadge. Her childhood home is across the street. Sarah M. Cook added: This is the Sparrow’s Nest. It was the Shingler’s home. They owned Shingler Heights, five blocks of residential buildings and one institutional building in Ashburn, which was constructed from 1895 to 1937…Its most elaborate structure is “Sparrow’s Nest,” built by local turpentine and agriculture entrepreneur, J.S. Shingler. Many of the homes in the historic district were built by Shingler’s relatives.

Shingler Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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