Commercial Storefronts, Chauncey

chauncey ga railroad avenue storefronts photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Most of these old storefronts along Railroad Avenue are in use today as Moore Distributing Company.


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5 responses to “Commercial Storefronts, Chauncey

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  2. My Great Grandfather, Ed Coogler, died on this spot. He was killed in a gunfight inside Kelly’s store.

    • Sad to hear, but fascinating history, nonetheless.

    • Patricia

      I am related to you through Capp Coogler was my 3rd Great Grandfather and my 2nd Great Grandfather was Otis Pickney’s line. I was sorry to read about the history of Ed Cooger. I am on my info is minor0606. My son is currently going to school down at Eastman at Middle Georgia College. It was fascinating to find family there also.

  3. Kara

    Most of this is my family’s business, Moore Distributing Company.

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