Elias Branch Farmhouse, Tift County

tift county ga elias branch house peanut field photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Thanks to Harriett Lawrence for the identification. Harriet’s grandfather, Jehu Branch, was the brother of the home’s owner. The family still owns and farms the land today.

tift county ga branch farmhouse photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Judging from the posts, this was likely a fine Queen Anne house in its heyday.

tift county ga elias branch house front porch photogrpah copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

I’m not sure if the house is still standing. These photographs were made in 2010.

tift county ga elias branch house wooden shingles photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Over time, the elements have exposed the original shake shingles.

tift county ga elias branch house from field photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Update: As of late 2016, this house is gone.



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16 responses to “Elias Branch Farmhouse, Tift County

  1. Dave Davis

    I love history and believe in preserving what we can for generations to come. My family has lived in South Georgia for over 100 years. I metal detect for old coins and artifacts and would love to hunt some of these old sites with the land owners. I have no interest in keeping anything we find. I just enjoy finding it.
    Please contact me if you have a site like this and want to explore it further.

  2. Martha Dillard

    I have grown up around Chula and Tifton. I have seen this old house in traveling up I-75. Im glad to know now who lived there. Its so sad to see these old home places go to waste. I love these old places. They have so much history and character I think. Thanks.

    • Jane Pate

      I love old houses. I know owners have to keep people but Iwould LOVE Togo thru houses & think how people lived. That generation worked hard for a living.

  3. Cinda Branch Scott

    I’ve always been drawn to that house also and to find out that it was owned by a Branch! Amazing. I am descended from Elias and Lucy Devaughn Branch – probably this Elias’s Grandfather.

  4. Linda Willis

    Is this the house over looking I-75 on exit 71 off of Willis Still Rd? I ask because I’m always drawn to that house mainly because of it’s location and also because my last name is Willis. I live in Florida but my Dad’s side of the family originally came from Georgia. My Aunt lives in Warner Robins and everytime I visit her I make a point of quickly driving up to this lonely house on the edge of the cotton field, over looking the interstate….am I crazy..maybe..I just like the character of this old house: do you Sir, know anything of this house I m so drawn to?
    Thank you

    • Martha Dillard

      I don’t think you are crazy at all. I have been drawn to a place off Ocilla
      highway heading to Ocilla. The road is called Goat road. Later I found out
      that my G-Grandfather Frank Coker once lived in a house at the end of the of the two lane road going up in the field leading off Goat road. The lane led up to the house which had been torn down years before.

  5. Harriett Lawrence

    The house belonged to Elias Branch, son of William and Jane Branch. House is located in Chula and was once located behind his Mother’s house (located on Academy Rd). I-75 cut through the farm in the 50’s and isolated the house on a hill. Land is still farmed by grandsons of Elias Branch. Uncle Elias was born in 1877 and was the brother of my granddaddy, Jehu.

    • Thanks so much, Harriett! I will now be able to give it a name! That’s one of the most exciting parts of doing the website: learning about places from family members and those who have memories of them…

    • Hi , Elias Branch was my great great grandfather ,His son James Thomas
      was my great grandfather and his daughter Rutha Jane Branch was my
      Grandmother . Would like to hear from you on jlmccl@comcast.net

    • Nichole Branch

      This is great and thanks so much for sharing, Harriet! I am a great great granddaughter of Elias’ & Jehu’s brother, David John.

  6. Holly

    The colors in this are marvelous, the verdant green & the soft grays of that old wood.. and I like how you can see just a bit of sky through that window.

  7. Justis Kivari


    This is a great photo. I have a few questions about this house. Please contact me when you can.


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